Why we exist?

With the advent of increased internet penetration and e-commerce boom in India, many consumers prefer to buy utilities online through a range e-commerce platforms.

This has led to a unique problem of


With multiples of e-commerce players in market today, and even more number of listed resellers, researching and identifying counterfeiters from a pool of genuine and fake resellers becomes a big challenge.

The brand needs a better way to not only know where they stand online but also flag and take action on counterfeiters to eventually curb the circulation of infringed products in the market.

At Save Your Brands we provide a seamless technology and legal services platform for just that

C.O.P. (Cognitive online Protection)

AI powered Technology
for Brand Insights and catch probable counterfeiters.

C.O.P. (Cognitive online Protection) is a sophisticated tool which can narrow down on probable counterfeiters.

Advanced data mining crawlers collect data from online e-commerce platforms. Data is then stored in a database for analysis and scrubbing. Datasets are then run through our propriety ranking engine. The ranking engine is built with the combination of cloud AI technology and sophisticated algorithms and works in parallel with fuzzy logic for improving predictions.

The outcome is a list of probable counterfeiters damaging your brand by selling duplicate products.

Hence with the help of technology and manual understanding we can stop these counterfeiters from spoiling the brand and the customer’s relationship. Thus saving millions of customers from using unsafe and fake products and at the same time protecting their consumer rights too.

Legal Services and Enforcement

Once probable counterfeiters are identified, with client’s consent, our legal team will directly issue notices to the relevant e-commerce portal for blacklisting identified resellers
Our enforcement teams can be deployed to initiate physical raids for search and seizure of the identified counterfeiters.

Counterfeiting and piracy in the present age as come out as a menace which is growing unchecked and posing great social and economic threat.

About Us

A seamless technology and legal services platform for Brand Insights and catch probable counterfeiters.

Save Your Brands

Save Your Brands strongly believes in fulfilling its commitments to its clients by ensuring it provides them with the best solutions available in India and Abroad. Aligning our services to meet our client’s needs, Save Your Brands, strongly believes in continuously updating its knowledge and skill base, which keeps us abreast of the latest developments in Indian and International legal and compliance systems and helps us provide our clients with creative solutions.

Our core groups of technologist, lawyers and management professionals, which form the backbone of our firm, excel in their core competencies and constitute its strength and support. This Core group of professionals are committed to providing quality technology, legal, corporate and management services in India and abroad with a client centered and result oriented approach and are further committed to follow the highest standards of fair practice and ethical interactions.

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Our team consists of groups of technologist, lawyers , consultants and enforcement professionals which form the backbone of our firm

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